Saturday, March 20, 2010

Christian Dior Perfume

Parfums Christian Dior is the make-up and perfume line of Christian Dior, on the basis of the company that established in the twentieth century fashion designer Christian Dior. It is a love for art and this is why he launched the company after World War 2 for further cooperation and assistance of bats Pierre Marcel Boussac in 1946. And is characterized by an overall amount of the masculine and feminine perfumes (part of the abandonment), as well as create a set of Dior cologne for men. Christian Dior is the founder of “Parfums Christian Dior.”
Cris1947 Perfume
It’s brand of Christian Dior perfumes. Launched in 2003. Women’s perfume. Components used in this product is the smell of fresh flowers, and notes the unusual, and hints of flowers musk. The original product with the brand name authentic.
Miss Dior Perfume
This is a brand by Christian Dior perfume. In 1947 launched a design house Christian Dior. And is classified as a refreshing scent and Mossy in adhmadach Miss Dior. It is your wife use. Components used in the feminine scent a blend of rose, gardenia, sage, and other flowers green. It is user-day time.
Jadore Perfume
And Jadore Christian Dior brand of perfume. Launched in 2000 by the design house Christian Dior. Possession of a collection of orchids flowers to smell femininity, violet, rose and blackberry musk. Have been classified as a refreshing smell of flowers.
Christian Dior Products
His product is called “Name the most famous in the road.” Is to create a popular Christian Dior. Fahrenheit fragrance also. Each feature luxury products.