Monday, April 26, 2010

Emo and Punk Hair styles

Emo and Punk Hair styles
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Long Brown Emo Hair
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Emo and Punk Hair styles
Hair styles
Emo Hair styles

Long Emo Hair
The emo hair style is the most fashionable and ‘in’ these days as girls and boys want to look different and stylish. The word ‘emo’ has been taken from the Emotional Punk Movement in which the people who were dedicated to this movement had different culture, ideals, values and fashion as compared to the other cultures of the 80s.

Emo hair style is very popular among young girl. Generally the emo hair style can be characterized by long straight cut with many uneven layers and vivid colors highlights. Even these hair styles can be created in short hair. Also in this style you can see the long bangs are swept at one side across your face by hiding one of the eyes. The most popular hair color for emo hair styles are black, blonde, red, purple, and dark brown. Traditionally people were using only blonde highlights but today people are familiar with different color.
Emo Hairstyles for Long Hair
Emo hair styles with long hair are very fashionable. For creating this style cut your hair below to shoulder level and at the top trim the hairs with multiple irregular short layers, so that it adds lots of volume at the top. Some layers are sweeps over your forehead by hiding one eye. Use some quality hair products on your hair so that the hair style remains for long time.
Short Emo Haircuts
The shorter emo haircuts are also very popular. Here many shorter layers are cut through the hair. The emo haircut always created in a straight hair. If you are having wavy or curly hair then straightens it by using any hair styling technique or products. Also you can add volume to the hair by using styling hair products.
Hair spray is one of the best products for most of the younger to styling Emo haircuts. This hair style can be designed in all type of facial feature. You can get more idea by seeing the following Emo haircuts pictures.