Sunday, August 8, 2010

Runway Fashion Recreated on a Budget in Minutes

Runway Fashion Recreated on a Budget in MinutesRunway fashion can be completely overwhelming (not to mention costly). Purple is the new black, patent is a must have for Fall, drop the gloss because it is all about a matte lip this season, and the list goes on. Who has time to keep up with it all?

I do. My name is Stella, and I have been working/living in the land of high end fashion for almost a decade. I started on the sales floor in couture where I could see the latest collections roll in each season. That is where I learned why Giorgio Armani has the reputation he does, how Missoni keeps the signature zig-zag pattern relevant, and why Dolce & Gabbana are known for the corseted look.

Runway Fashion Recreated on a Budget in MinutesI could never afford the runway pieces that I pined over, nor did I have the patience to shop the markdown racks. Still, I wanted to figure out how to recreate these runway looks on a budget, and without having to go to battle in a store. It boiled down to three things: price, convenience, and personal style. When it comes to personal style, what I am referring to here is knowing your measurements when shopping on-line, but more importantly, know what makes you feel good when you put it on and building on that.

Runway Fashion Recreated on a Budget in MinutesOverall, it is a process that ideally keeps one in a constant state of "style evolution." I know, it sounds intense, especially with the topic being that of fashion, but the bottom line is that it is about self expression and, most of all, having fun with it.