Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bob Haircuts - Latest Hairstyle Trends

Bob Haircut Jessica Simpson

Bob haircuts in 2009 are the latest hairstyles to be seen with and with the style celebrating its 100th birthday there are now more than enough ways for everyone to wear this bob style. First of all for the classic bob that is one length all the way around you should take a look at stars such as Kate Bosworth or Jessica Simpson.

Bob Haircut Kate Bosworth

Although blonde stars, these bob looks can be worn by any hair color as well as type although with thinner hair it is best to leave layers out for a thicker look and feel.
There are many variations on the classic bob these days with a new look seeming to come about every week and one of the easiest ways to spice up this look is to wear the bob slightly longer in a style recently adopted by the actress Jessica Alba.

Actress Jessica Alba

With the longer length bob haircuts for 2009 there are more ways in which the hair can be worn allowing for up do’s as well as the sleek and loose styles.
For an even more modern version of the bob, you could always look at the “pob” that Victoria Beckham has laid her nickname to.

Bob Hairstyles Eva Longoria And Victoria Beckham

This is a graduated bob with more length at the front and sides of the hair and keeping it rather short at the back. Although this is a high maintenance look with very little in the way of flexibility for having the hair worn up, it is a pretty look and can also be slightly changed to make it more “punk rocker” for those that are looking for an edge.

Jennifer Lopez Bob Haircut